What Others Say

General Health and Wellness

Dr. Carbone and staff are amazing! The professional caring atmosphere of Aloha Chiropractic crests a sense of calmness once you walk in the door. I look forward to my Friday maintenance adjustments as it makes a great start to the Weekend! Thanks Dr. Carbone and staff!

–Stefanie P.

I was living in pain for many years. Since I have been under chiropractic care I have been pain free! I look forward to my monthly adjustment and have more energy than I have had in a long time. I recommend wellness care to everyone.

–Loren E.

I come in for a tune-up after completing my Work Week. It helps me stay active both at work and play. I appreciate Dr. Carbone especially when educating me in the importance of keeping my spine in alignment, thank you.

–John R.

Dr. Carbone has blessed everyone in our family from my youngest girls to maintain their health to my husband who has a compression fracture. He is compassionate and came in early once just to help me with my severe back pain. He is VERY dedicated to his clients.

–Christine A.

Since coming to Dr. Carbone’s I feel more energetic, healthier, and get sick less often. I am grateful for Dr. Carbone’s friendly service, expertise and wonderful staff. I plan on continuing chiropractic for years to come.

–Jesus V.

I am so glad my daughter encouraged me to seek Dr. Carbone’s excellent professional services. Always welcoming and encouraging along with healthy treatments improving daily life as the years roll by for me.

–Betty N.


I had constant neck pain as well as shoulder, back and hip pain. I noticed a change with 2 weeks of care. I have less headaches and I am finally sleeping better. Chiropractic is great!

-Pam B.

I sought Chiropractic care because I had frequent and long-lasting headaches. This was reducing my capacity to live and work without pain. After my first adjustment my headaches diminished. I can sleep so much better.

-Todd S.

I met Dr. Carbone at the Santa Maria Home Show. I spoke to him about my migraines and with the information I gathered I felt he could help me out. I had terrible migraines and they were interfering with my job. Within 2 weeks of care I felt much better and was able to sleep more soundly.

-Letitia F.

Dr. Carbone came highly recommended by a friend of mine. I was having a lot of neck and lower back pain this was causing a lot of my headaches and a lack of concentration. I tried exercising but that didn’t work. Once I started care I noticed change within 2 ½ weeks. I am more easy going and less stressed, I feel great!

-Sandra R.

I met Dr. Carbone at the Home Show. I was having a lot of headaches, some neck soreness and other medical issues. I tried taking medication for the pain. Once I started care I noticed a change within a few weeks of care. I had more energy, less pain. I am free of headaches and I don’t have any more back soreness. Thanks!

-Olivia B.

Neck Pain:

My neck was in crisis and I could not turn my head to the left. I was in so much pain it was impossible to get a good night sleep. I also had problems breathing and it worsened everyday over 4 days. I noticed a change INSTANTLY it was like my spine had just been unlocked. I also had better leg strength, balance and even better memory!

-Patty S.

I had constant neck pain as well as shoulder, back and hip pain. I noticed a change with 2 weeks of care. I have less headaches and I am finally sleeping better. Chiropractic is great!

-Pam B.

Back Pain:

I came to Dr. Carbone with severe pain in my mid and upper back. My right hand would be completely numb for long periods of time. These problems were affecting my life in a major way; once I started care I noticed a change within 2 weeks of care. I had less back pain and my hand is no longer numb. I feel so much better all over! EVEN MENTALLY! Dr. Carbone’s Wellness outlook is so refreshing!

-Mona B.

My BACK had been in constant pain for years. I had trouble sleeping, it was very hard to concentrate with my normal day to day duties, and I had very low energy. Within 2 weeks of care I noticed changes. My pain subsided to almost none, I have my energy back. And I sleep much better, no more stiff back. And my concentration has improved which comes in handy for school. Thank you Dr. Carbone!!!!

-Joel W.

I had constant neck pain as well as shoulder, back and hip pain. I noticed a change with 2 weeks of care. I have less headaches and I am finally sleeping better. Chiropractic is great!

-Pam B.

Chiropractic helped my back and hip pain that was constantly bothering me. I had not got a good night sleep in a very long time. Thanks to chiropractic I noticed a change with 2 weeks of care. I can walk with out the pain in my hip. I have much more energy and I finally had a goodnight sleep!

-John B.

I was in constant lower back pain and my wife’s friend recommended Dr. Carbone. Within a couple of weeks of care I felt relief. My flexibility increased and I was able to sleep better.

-Tom W.


All of these people received a medical diagnosis of Fibromyalgia I was having right shoulder pain and this was waking me up threw the night causing me to be tired during the day. I had been treated by Dr. Carbone in the past and I felt great when I was under regular care. I felt more flexibility in my right shoulder within 3 weeks of care. I noticed I was sleeping better and I also noticed more energy during the day.

-Bonnie B.

Many friends recommended Dr. Carbone. I chose his knowledge over medications. I was unable to bend over to tie my shoes, loss of sleep and I was quick tempered. I noticed change in 1 ½ weeks. I noticed better sleep, I was more alert. I had better work mobility, I a lot more energy and I regained my appetite. And most of all I have not had a headache in a long time.

-Kirk C.

A friend had a similar problem as mine, she had great results and so I decided to try Chiropractic. I was losing sleep because I had constant arm/shoulder pain. Every time I would move I would have a sharp pain go down my arm. After a few weeks of care I was doing great and I was getting more sleep and less pain.

-Mary C.

A co-worker told me about Dr. Carbone. I decided to try it because I have a lot of back, neck, and arm soreness. After 3 visits I notice more flexibility, the pain in my arm as completely gone, I had better sleep. I am pain free. Chiropractic is a simple way to health. I recommend everyone try Chiropractic.

-Barbara M.

When I first came in I was having multiple symptoms. I had headaches I would have lower and upper back pain. I was also feeling nauseas and I was not getting much sleep at night. I hated taking medication for my headaches. After 3 weeks of care I noticed a huge difference. I was getting my nights rest. My headaches were gone and I was not feeling nauseas during the day anymore. Thanks Doc!

-Barbara F.